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Course objective

To introduce the student to the responsibilities of carrying a concealed weapon for personal defense, and the State Laws which be must adhered to for the right to be an armed citizen. cpl class concealed carry Macomb Shelby Charter Township

Private Course`s

Our course is handled on a one on one level. We offer only private classes with a 4 student minimum and a 6 student maximum.  It works out to a very comfortable experience with out the feeling of overwhelmed because of a large audience.     

NRA Instructors

Your course is laid out to follow NRA training requirements as well as Michigan State Law. 

Instructors are NRA certified and as well as NRA Certified Range Officers for safety and well being of the students. 

Pricing for this course

Is $100.00 per student.

Min. 4 students, Max. 6 per course.

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Welcome to a stress free, friends and family type of environment . Where you will be comfortable when introduced to laws and requirements to be an armed American. The private course is set up and targeted to be completed on a scheduled Sunday (rain or shine) 8 hour course. With range fire requirements our performed on site. 


Yes a firearm is available for your use if need be at no charge to the student. (student`s are responsible for the cost of ammo) .

Yes you may pack a lunch and bring your snacks for use during the classroom portion of the course.

You must have the 4 person party (minimum)   required for the class to be scheduled.

Eye protection and ear plugs can be provided at no-charge to the student.