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1911 pistol work


1911 work- Michigan`s finest pistol builder- "WE CREATE A GREAT SHOOTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT"

OUR MOST POPULAR PACKAGE- your 1911 is ready for street, field use or range.

Our carry package includes we stock parts unless other wise noted: Thumb Safety hone for smooth yet positive operation, Throat and polish of feed ramp and Barrel for flawless feeding of ball and H.P. Ammo, Extractor tuned and adjusted, Trigger / recut and hone to a crisp 3.5 to 4 lbs clean brake. Wilson style recess target crown for enhanced accuracy and crown protection.
All for $199.00.

Prices denote labor only:

Fit and install match grade Barrel and Bushing (non-ramped), This includes tuning of extractor and ejector as well as throat and polish with test .$175.00

Machine for Ramped Barrels $250.00, includes fitting of barrel , bushing , link and lugs

Install Match Bushing 65.00 Over-sized EGW will incur extra cost for external blending to match exterior of slide.

Install Thumb safety $65.00 , Ambi- $85.00

Sight install (no machine work) front and rear  $75.00 Stake on, $55.00 dovetail (add $25.00 plus ammo for range proof fire)

Machine slide for front sight sight $75.00

NOVAK Rear and front sight $200.00

Install/blend Mag well $99.00

Install after market Trigger $45.00 (labor only)

Cut frame to except Beavertail grip safety $95.00 (does not include refinish)

Fit Match Bushing and re-crown $85.00.

Many other custom 1911 services are available please inquire on your needs.

Refinishing and or Bead blasting is not included in pricing.
Please Be advised we have an on site range we can test fire of customer guns for performance.




Custom Single Action

 Traditional Single Action Conversion for Stainless or Blued Guns 

 Single action revolvers hunting or cowboy action tuned,to include cylinder chamfered, Cut and Crown $175.00
for standard Mag-Na-Port Process;  add $99.00

S&W and Ruger D.A.

Butter smooth action jobs on your carry revolver : to include cylinder chamfered, forcing cone trued if needed, trigger contoured, Crown,. $195.00

for standard Mag-Na-Port Process add $99.00

Other custom work of course is offered , sights, hammer alteration, grip alterations etc.

S&W round butt $115.00 (includes cold blue or polished s.s.).

Drill and tap for scope base $100.00, Mounting and Bore sighting and range zone , at extra cost.

Recrowning recess of barrel,hammer and trigger recontouring,sights installed , forcing cones cut and trued , to many services to list. 



Detail of services

These are some  of the finest weapons for personal protection out of the box. However improvements can be done to take these to the next level. Regardless for Law Enforcement, Competition or Self Preservation  we can help. (services also extend to Sig, XD`s, H&K`s, F.N.`s and most quality polymer weapon systems).

Install night sight`s (factory dovetail) $35.00  add $20.00 for Range sight-in w/customer supplied ammo.

Fit Match Grade barrel with range zero-in $75.00 (w/customer supplied ammo) 

Install aftermarket Trigger, sear, striker kits $75.00 (highly recommend Zev , Apex, please refer to their websites for complete details.

Minor services - slide release, extended take down lever`s and alike, min. shop fee will apply $35.00

Grip enhancements such as stippling and flaring and reductions start at $125.00, trigger guard under cuts finger grip removal p.o.r. . Most cases finishing not required.

For RMR CUT`S  Please contact: , or call 313-388-8228




Let`s face it , every shop out there can assemble any AR platform weapon, however when you want it done properly and to spec, or simply having problems know one else can figure out please consider us. When I say we have worked thousand`s I mean thousand of Mil-spec (real one`s) and custom. Even if it is a simple clean complete $75.00, or feeding issue, trigger work, barrel fluting , threading, re-crown`s, professionally finished pin and weld`s. See us! 



We not only service them, we have all the proper Presses jigs and tooling to properly service, improve and or upgrade your system.



We try to provide as accurate as possible rebuilds on or war relic`s, most maybe beyond re-barreling . However some are still very accurate and upgrade-able. Please inquire, we maybe able to get another 70 years worth of shooting out of them?